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Sarku Japan is the most popular and successful Japanese Quick-Service restaurant (QSR), operator in the United States. Sarku Japan has 200+ locations within food courts located in regional shopping centers. It is expanding to strategic street locations with its Sarku Japan-Grill and Sushi brands. This location offers a variety of delicious sushi options as well as our famous teriyaki dishes.

Sarku Japan was founded in 1987 and opened its first Boston store in Massachusetts. Sarku Japan was founded in 1987. Its goal was to offer fresh, made-to-order Japanese cuisine using high-quality ingredients. This will provide a healthier and more nutritious alternative to fast food. We pioneered the Teppanyaki-style, fresh-cooked Japanese cuisine in fast food restaurants located within major shopping malls. This innovative feature is still a national standard. Sarku Japan’s family of brands includes Sarku Japan Grill and Sushi, and Sarku Japan Sushi Bar.

You will have 20+ years of experience as a Sarku franchisee  Enjoy

  • Modern branding and design
  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Extensive training, ongoing operational support
  • Comprehensive marketing programs
  • Delicious, fresh-prepared, nutritious menu options

Are you a good fit for a Sarku franchise?

Sarku Japan believes in KAIZEN – “Continuous Improvement”. This philosophy helps to create a business environment that encourages talented Sarku franchisees to reach their individual goals.

Candidates who are qualified will have at least $175,000 net worth and at minimum $105,000 liquid assets. It is important to have a good credit record and be able to get financing. Third-party lenders are used to finance your loan.

Although restaurant experience is a plus, it is not required. We are looking for people who have strong leadership qualities, passion for customer service, and transferable management skills in an entrepreneurial setting. Our capital requirements must be met.

Opportunities for Sarku Japan single-unit and area developers are Available

We love to eat japanese food whenever we have a quick lunch. Our favorite item is the Chicken Bento Box, $6.49. You can get everything you need: sushis and fried dumplings as well as rice or noodles with teriyaki poultry, spring rolls, and salad. It is usually too much food for me, unless I am hungry. It’s worth it!

Vegetable D’Lite may also be available in “Vegetable & Tofu Teriyaki”, which is the same sauce as the Vegetable D’Lite. You can also order Vegetable and Tofu Teriyaki without the sauce. Some customers may want to know if an all-vegetable sauce is available. However, only a few restaurants may be able accommodate such requests. Vegetable and Tofu Teriyaki can be ordered with steamed rice or fried rice. The fried rice is made with meat. Noodles contain egg.

Deep-fried tofu is used in the Vegetable & Tofu Teriyaki. Although some contact may occur, staff members informed us that meat products cannot be prepared with vegetable ingredients. Staff stressed that there is no Sarku Japan(r vegan dish due to possible contact between meat products and non-meat ingredients. The VRG was informed by the staff that all locations have a sign stating that customers with dietary restrictions should ask for more the whole information from the restaurant staff prior to ordering.

According to the staff at Sarku Japan(r) vegetarian soba is prepared with egg noodles

Sarku Japan(r), Sushi Bar offers a “Vegetarianzen” plate that includes sushi rolls made to your specifications. Zen rolls are made from a tofu shell and steamed rice (i.e., sushi) on the inside. Avocado and cucumber are two examples of vegetable rolls available. You can make them with rice or other vegetables. The rolls can be made to order so patrons can communicate with the chef about how they are prepared and what they contain. Sushi Express(r), Sarku Japan Teriyaki, and Sushi Express(r), offer dumplings that contain chicken.

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