Karasuno probably “Akaashi” knows


What Kind of team he is now?

Akaashi is a short, messy black man with gun metal blue eyes and thin eyebrows. In some official art his eyes seem to take on a green color, while in others they appear more blue. Although he tends to be a bit glum or exaggerated most of the time, he can smile when necessary.

At the Tokyo summer training camp, he makes his debut wearing a navy T shirt with an aqua sports bib and a white pair of shorts. He is wearing white shoes with yellow details and doesn’t seem to have kneepads.

He wears a light grey blazer and dark black trousers when dressed in school uniform. A black belt is also on his waist. He neatly tucks his shirt into the waistband and knots his blue tie neatly.

Akaashi Personality

Akaashi is calm and composed, preferring to avoid showing emotion. He is known for calling out people when they do foolish things. Bokuto is his favorite, despite their differing personalities.

Akaashi, rather than being shy, is quite blunt in his opinions and will often ask for help when needed. He is polite, but he could also be younger than his teammates. He is humble and knows his limits, but he never exceeds them.

Then again he also holds a cheeky trait, as he had dubbed Kuroo during one match; ‘The pain-in-the-ass-Kuroo-san’.

Akaashi is a balanced player who can set the toss accurately for a wide variety of attacks. His strategic skills and ability to execute a quick-set, even when receiving is a little sloppy, have been well-recognized. Akaashi is also very analytical. Nekoma’s coach also complimented him on this skill after the match.

Akaashi has always loved volleyball. Even in middle school, he felt like the only one trying to play. He was a skilled player on the court and received a recommendation that allowed him to choose between Fukurodani or Suzumeoka. After watching his soon-to-be teammate Bokuto play, he was not sure which one he should choose. However, he was more confident in his decision. The setter was moved by Bokuto’s passion for the sport and decided to enroll at Fukurodani.

Akaashi has been playing for two years with his current team and is now able to make quick decisions that affect the team’s performance. Even after practice ends, Akaashi continues to practice with Bokuto. His blunt personality seems to be very effective in dealing with the childish antics and Bokuto, team ace, and Kuroo, captain of the Nekoma teams. Tsukishima becomes closer to him and he even offers advice at the Tokyo Training camp.

The Fukurodani team’s ability to play in the Spring Preliminaries was tested by Akaashi, Bokuto and others. After playing dozens of practice matches against the team, and winning every one of them, they were able to beat Nekoma easily. Although it wasn’t planned, losing to Itachiyama was inevitable. Before Bokuto could take revenge, Akaashi pointed that the ace had missed three of his last serves and walked away.