The Complete Guide to Film Distribution


Film distribution companies are responsible for marketing and distribution of your films. Films can be distributed via theatrical distribution, or video on demand (Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime), among others. New media, DVD and other media. MovieTransit is developed to offer the best service for both major delivery movie studios as well as independent distributors, providing an innovative and powerful feature set to boost your production. Find the most efficient DCP delivery system now to improve your delivery of content!

What are Ancillary Rights and How Do They Work?

Films used to just appear in theaters, then vanish. It is hard to imagine a movie not being advertised. No posters. No T-shirts. No billboards. No trailers. How can you decide if you want it? It is worth spending the pennies now?

Plan Distribution Early

If you’re looking for investment in your film, there are high chances that you won’t get one until you have your distribution plan.

Investors want to know what you will do to make their money. Are their funds safe with you? Investors are exposed to high-risk investments in the film industry. Make sure your plan is sound.

Different Distribution Types

There are two types: profit-sharing and leasing.

The distributor agrees to lease the rights to distribute the film for a set amount.

Profit-sharing is when the distributor receives a portion of the film’s profits. The percentage is typically between 10-50%. Never opt for the 50/50 split. You won’t make any cash.

Each option has its pros and cons. It all depends on how your film does at box office. The studio and distribution company must decide which option is best for them.

How to get distribution

There are many factors that can increase your chances of being distributed.

Named talent: Have any of you ever seen a movie because an actor you liked was there? How about your favorite producers or directors? Entertainment is funny. They want to be entertained. We are all taught to believe that exceptional content will only be produced by certain directors, actors, and producers. It will be great because it was produced by Russo Brothers and Chris Hemsworth. Each person who sees your film is like a mini-investor. “Is it worth spending $15 and two hour of my time?” Films are sold by big-name talent because people trust them to handle their money.

Season: This is an important factor in determining whether your film will be distributed. Horror films do better in autumn than in spring. Christmas movies fare better in winter than in summer.

Support for major studios: People have faith in the quality of major studios.

Poor story quality can ruin your run. While you may have all the elements necessary to attract your audience or convince them to download your movie, if your story fails, they won’t tell their friends about it. Or worse, they will not recommend it to their friends. Peer pressure and word of mouth are important factors in the success of a film. You don’t believe me? Napoleon Dynamite is a great example of this. The success of the film was largely due to word-of-mouth. Fox Searchlight knew this and fully supported it with their marketing strategy.

Target audience: Who is this film aimed at? Where can they see their films? What genres of movies are they most interested in? Are they too saturated in cinema?

Social Media: Is the film being discussed on social media? Are cast members well-respected on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook)? Do you have any accounts? Are YouTube users searching for behind-the-scenes footage and interviews? Are there discussions on forums about possible plot lines? What percentage of people are actively engaged, or could they become involved online? A film’s success is determined by its social media presence.

Film Festivals

Film festivals are held all over the world and in every country for a reason. Film festivals are not only for entertainment, but also to showcase your talents. It is often done for the chance of a distributor company picking your film (or two companies) and ending up in a bidding battle.

Distribution Screenings

This option is only possible if you have strong connections to film distributors, or a highly skilled sales agent who can influence the right people to attend the private screening.

Sales Agents

Sales agents are responsible for connecting your project with the right distributor… and charging a fee. Good connections are essential for a good sales agent.


Filmhub is a great option for independent filmmakers. Submit your film and streaming channels worldwide will find, order, stream, and stream it for free. You keep a staggering 80%. They are compatible with many streaming services, including Fandango, Amazon Prime and Dove Channel.

Filmhub will require you to either do most of the marketing work yourself or hire a separate company to help you market your film. However, it could be worthwhile.


Your feature film can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. You can also get your movie on VOD platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and iTunes. You can also make and sell Blu-Rays or DVDs.