Start a home-based personal chef business


Personal chefs can prepare meals for busy families, small parties at home, corporate lunches and special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. A personal chef is available to prepare meals anywhere there is a kitchen.

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A personal chef business can be a great way for you to try your hand at starting a catering company. The cooking is done on a larger scale.

Personal chefs are skilled in certain areas, such as special diets or gourmet food. The type of menu you request, your experience and training will all affect the price.

The pros and cons of starting a personal chef business

This type of venture is very affordable to start. You can usually use the equipment and kitchen supplies provided by the client.

This gig also has a low overhead. You will generally be reimbursed for any items you purchase for clients. You will need transportation and possibly cooking utensils, which may not be commonly used in kitchens.

This business can be grown at your own pace, even part-time. Referrals from satisfied customers and word-of mouth advertising are key. Create a website that highlights your services and features testimonials from satisfied customers. A website that highlights your services and includes testimonials from satisfied clients is a great way to build a business.

You might consider joining local networking groups to meet other small business owners looking for a personal chef for their home, or business functions. To showcase your cooking skills, you might be willing to offer to cook at a networking event.

You might consider joining the Personal Chef Association’s local chapter or starting one in your own area.

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Practical Concerns

While not required, professional chef experience and/or training is a great asset and may allow you to charge higher prices. If you are competing with chefs who have been trained, make sure to explain why you should be hired.

Every food-related business is subject to some liability. Clients could be injured or become ill from your cooking. It is worth your time and investment to find out how much personal liability insurance you could get.

In difficult economic times, when people have to cut back on entertainment and unnecessary extras, it might not be a wise choice. This might not be an issue in areas that are wealthy. Before you launch your business, research your clients.

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Getting Started

You must decide if you are interested in becoming a specialist in one area. Will you only host corporate events and retreats, for example? Are you a vegan chef?

You will need to complete all paperwork necessary for starting a company, such as getting a business license or setting up your business structure.

You should create a list of your services and a list of the food you prepare. Price your services so that you take into account your prep time, expenses, as well as your time. You should remember that some foods are more expensive than others, so be sure to include this when you give a quote to a client.

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Start recruiting clients. Begin with your family and friends. Advertise bulletins at your church, other organization or local storefronts. To get some big gigs, you can offer your services at no cost or at a discounted rate to family and friends who have events coming up.