Why is my case not eligible for “Judici” Plea & Pay



Judici says that only certain cases are eligible for Judici Plea & Payment.

Only two types of cases may be used by Judici EPay Plea or Pay: TR (Traffic), and CV (Conservation).
Your county must accept Judici Plea & Payment payments.
Additionally, violations that don’t require appearance in court (may not appear) are eligible. To ensure that it is possible to appear, read your ticket.
You cannot apply Craigslist Mcallen for Judici EPay Plea or Pay if you have received more than one ticket during the same offense.
Your case must remain open. You must ensure that there is no date in “Initial Closed Date” on the Case Information Page.
You must have no other disposition or sentence in your case than “Failure To Appear”.
A cash bond must not exceed the amount due the court.
You must pay the court date, with or without supervision.

Court Supervision

To request supervision:

1. Fill out the Online Court Supervision Request to request Court Supervision from the State’s Attorney’s Office.

2. Online payment is not possible. You cannot pay supervision online if you have been approved.

If you have already sent in your ticket or paid the ticket fine, the blue copy will be returned to you.

Before you can proceed with your request for an Order of Supervision, you must file a Motion To Vacate Guilty Plea at the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

This fee is established by state statute:

$25.00 to file a motion if you are less than 30 days from the date of conviction
For every 30 days that have passed since the conviction, $40.00 is required to file a motion.
You must pay the court date, with or without supervision.

Judici E-Pay

To make a payment on a court case:

Search for your name on Judici.com to find out how you can make a payment in a case that has outstanding fees and fines.

Q. Why isn’t my case eligible for Judici E-Pay?

Judici explains that there are many reasons your case might not be eligible for Judici E–Pay.

1. Your county must accept Judici Epay payments.

2. The case must be closed. The case cannot be considered if there is no disposition or sentence for all charges.

3. The case must be in good standing with the accounts receivable.

4. The case cannot contain a prohibited type of electronic payment.

You must pay the court date, with or without supervision.