Craigslist Jacksonville: Five Money Scams


Jacksonville residents treasure Craigslist and take advantage of its advertising opportunities that reach millions. You can post anything you want, and they will either sell or trade it. You can also find other items on the site, such as community events, tickets for sale, job opportunities, personal ads, job openings, and homes for rent. Although it is a site where honest people can meet and make great deals, scammers are now aware of the potential for people to be conned out of their hard-earned money. Here are five money-scams that you should be aware of on Craigslist Jacksonville.

1. Craigslist Jacksonville Area Housing Scam

A Craigslist Jacksonville woman was shocked to discover that her beach house had been listed for rent on Craigslist. The home is currently occupied by people and she has not yet posted it for rent. Imagine her shock when she found out that someone else had. She is also in the real-estate business. She had already listed the house. It became apparent that a fraudster had taken the photos and information from her earlier ad, which was published months ago. He also changed the terms and contact information.

2. Craigslist Jacksonville car scam

Jacksonville resident placed an advertisement looking Fresno Craigslist for a used car at a low price. She was contacted by a man who told her a sad story about his dying daughter and offered to buy her the nearly-new Honda Accord. They even showed her pictures. The scammers claimed that the car would be hers free of charge if she donated to an orphanage. She was told by the scammer that she would have to make a donation before the car could be given to her.

3. Another Craigslist rental scam is in Florida

One man was on a trip from Atlanta to Pont Vedra Beach and was searching for a rental home for his family. Craigslist provided him with a perfect rental. After wired more than $1,300, the address was provided and he was told that he could visit the property and someone would give him the keys. He agreed to the deal but upon arriving, realized that he was being scammed.

4. Another scam with beach rentals in Jacksonville

This horrible condo rental scam cheated several women out of thousands of dollars. Three women claimed that they each had responded to Craigslist ads offering the house for rent. They even sent a lease application and included photos.

5. Craigslist Jacksonville: Job scam

An advertisement for a job asks applicants to submit a credit score to Craigslist and forward that information to a fake human resources representative. Although there were many applicants for the job, it was one of the most obvious phishing schemes to obtain personal information for identity theft.