Brand Protection as a Total Business Solution


It is important to protect brands

The brand’s reputation is a key factor in how products perform in the market. Strong brands are what consumers use to make their final purchase decision total business solution. It is a “contract between the company’s expectations and the customer.” The consumer will lose trust in the brand’s reputation, and that their “contract of expectations” will always be fulfilled.

In many cases, the topic of authenticating a brand has been the focus of professional certification organizations such as ISO and SAE. For example, SAE standard AS5553A is intended for use in the aviation, space, defense and other high performance/reliability electronic equipment applications and includes establishing criteria for the control of suspect or confirmed counterfeit/fraudulent electrical parts and reporting to other potential users and authority having jurisdiction. ISO 12931 defines specific performance criteria to ensure authenticity during the product’s lifecycle.

Increasing the effectiveness of brand protection programs

Based on field research, the most effective brand protection programs have been found to be proactive, holistic, and strategic. Research shows that comprehensive and data-driven crime interventions have the highest effectiveness. It is important to assess the problem in order to identify the criminal opportunity. This can then be used to guide the strategic response. The goal is to reduce the business techno chance of a crime occurring by using evidence and analysis. This can be done by increasing the effort required to execute the crime or decreasing the likelihood that it will be caught. This strategy has been proven to decrease many types of crime. Leading law enforcement officials and brand protection specialists often claim they can’t arrest and sue to solve the counterfeiting problem. They advocate partnerships, information sharing and education, as well as research and education. Effective brand protection programs are strategic and evidence-based. They seek to identify the risks of product counterfeiting and create a plan to reduce them.

Brand Protection is a topic that touches many parts of the organization

Effective brand protection can only be achieved through a multidisciplinary understanding of the problem and the creation of an informed solution. This requires a comprehensive total business solution that encompasses almost all aspects of the company. Security plays an important role in brand protection due to its emphasis on protecting people, products, facilities and property. The legal function is crucial to brand protection because of its enforcement capabilities as well as the ability to protect the integrity and rights of partners through contracts. Many companies have relegated their entire brand protection operations to one of these functions. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle using only half the pieces.

It is clear that virtually all parts of an organization play a role in protecting brand reputation. The more advanced organizations work to integrate their functions into a total business solution for brand protection.