Here are the top 10 ways you can reuse your wicker hamper


Our hampers come in beautiful traditional wicker hampers. These baskets are beautifully designed and hand-woven. They have a lid and two leather buckles. Wicker Warehouse Wicker Hampers was founded in the year 1978 by a family-owned company. We’ve been hard at work since then to ensure you get top-quality products for a reasonable price. The majority of our products displayed here are our own designs produced by our partner factories.

These baskets are just too beautiful and versatile to be put away after the delicious contents have been consumed. We wanted to share some ideas to inspire you to re-use wooden baskets.

Picnic Basket

This hamper is perfect for picnic baskets. It has plenty of room for delicious snacks and beverages and would be a great traditional centerpiece to a picnic blanket.

Book/DVD Storage

Are there books piled up on your bedside table, or DVDs flung from the shelf near the TV? Store all runaways in a neat, rustic place and cover them with the lid.

Pet bed

For a neat, little bed for your pet, fill the hamper with their favorite bedding and toys.

Toy Box

This basket can be turned into a toybox and placed in a corner of a child’s bedroom. It will look great filled with toys. You can close the lid and slide it under your bed to make the room look cleaner.

Pot holder

Do you need to give your front yard some personality and personality? You can transform the wicker hamper to an outdoor plant holder. This could add style to your garden by displaying a variety of greenery and flowers.


Everyone loves a good hamper, and that’s something we should all know. Send it to someone you care about, or give it to her as a gift.

Bike Basket

You can retro-style your bike with one of our smaller wicker hampers.

Bathroom Organiser

Are you fed up with all the bathroom products lying around the bathtub and around the sink? You don’t want to see all your bathroom products scattered around the bath and sink. Instead, collect them all and put them in the hamper. It will organize everything and won’t look out of place on your floor. You can stack more hampers together to create a unique organizer!

Wedding display

A vintage wedding? These hampers look great under a stream or bunting and filled with wedding favors or cards.

Log Basket

A wicker basket with logs or firewood will make your fireplace look even more attractive.

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